10 Men at Play classics

My Men at Play subscription ran out about a week ago. Luckily, before it did, I took the chance to raid their back catalogue and watch as many suit-sex videos as I could cram into my poor, porn-saturated brain.

Image of Bailey Morgan

Well suited: Bailey Morgan scrubs up for his Men at Play solo

I’ve always loved the way Men at Play manage to make their photography look like an upmarket fashion brand. It’s a clever idea and it still looks fresh after more than 10 years of doing the same thing. It’s like a dry spoof on the fantasy corporate world presented by men’s fashion ads, with its immaculately styled execs and imaginary board meetings.

This isn’t strictly a top 10 – more a list of 10 good ones. I’ve tried to pick from an even spread of years, singling out their most distinctive ideas. But if there’s one thing they’ve got in common, it’s that they’re all hot ones.

Pool Service (2004)

Gregory Scott lounges in the pool of a sun-drenched villa until boyfriend Nico Vecchiola comes home from work to distract him. Within minutes, Nico’s suit pants are open and Gregory is sucking hungrily on his rigid boner. Still fully suited, Vecchiola actually ends up in the pool with him. Nico jerks his cock while he rims Scott’s ass, sucks his enormous dick and then gets him on all fours so he can fuck his hole. One of the best-known of MAP’s early shoots, it’s slickly shot, with a great location and two stunningly hot models.

Images from Pool Service by Men at Play

Watch Pool Service at Men at Play

Powershift 3 (2005)

It begins with a high-stakes card game. Business rivals Manu Maltes and Edu Boxer end up in a bitter row when Manu wagers his car – and loses it to Edu. But things get physical when this sore loser uses his tie to bind his opponent’s wrists, and then gets down to suck his cock. This is the third (and best) of the series MAP made with real-life boyfriends Maltes and Boxer.

Images from Power Shift 3 by Men at Play

Watch Powershift 3 at Men at Play

The PA (2007)

Watching Rob give the orders while Adam silently obeys makes for a scorching scene…

Arrogant straight hunk Rob has got a new PA – not the ornamental kind, but a real flesh-and-blood stud to do his bidding. Rob’s relaxing in his office, stroking his fat dick while he watches straight porn on his laptop, when in comes Adam, his hard-working assistant. At first annoyed at the interruption, Rob soon overcomes his irritation and sets Adam to work on his cock – while he kicks back, loosens his shirt and lets his long-suffering underling do all the work. Watching Rob give the orders while Adam silently obeys makes for a scorching scene, and it’s good to see Adam Tremadoc – who was one of the UK’s hottest models at the time – getting a faceful of sticky spunk.

Images from The PA by Men at Play

Watch The PA at Men at Play

Gentlemen (2008)

Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas are two hunky businessmen relaxing in an exclusive club. After brandy and cigars, their eyes settle on cute barman Marco Blaze and the pair invite him over to help them relax. One of the horniest moments in the scene comes near the beginning, when the two continue their conversation as if nothing’s particularly amiss – while Marco throats first Daniel’s cock, then Pedro’s. Eager to please, Blaze soon has his pants pulled down around his ankles as the two studs take it in turn to fuck him in either end before finally managing to ram both their dicks into his hole at the same time. Even by MAP’s high standards, this one boasts a lavish location. The three stunning models play the fantasy totally straight – and they nail it in one.

Images from Gentlemen by Men at Play

Watch Gentlemen at Men at Play

Dominium (2008)

More baroque and with a bigger cast than usual, there’s more than a hint of Eyes Wide Shut about this trippy tale of a secret society whose cloaked, masked members end up fucking all over their swanky, gilded HQ. Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas are back – and this time they’re joined by handsome, square-jawed Kevin Cage and the astonishing Mangiatti twins. By the time the five hunks are getting stuck into each other on the gold throne, you’ll have lost track of who’s doing who, the whole thing having long since descended into an eye-watering feast of flesh.

Images of Dominium by Men at Play

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Shoe Shine (2009)

Ross Hurston was one of Men at Play’s discoveries before he became a regular cover boy for Hot House. In this one he’s playing a butler, shining tuxedoed Ted Colunga’s patent leather pumps, while the towering hunk sits engrossed in a copy of the Financial Times. The directors let the tension grow for several minutes as we watch Hurston at work, polishing with rapt attention. It’s an unusually slow build-up – and it turns out to be a wise choice, setting up a pay-off that’s all the more satisfying. Gradually, the master of the house starts to take more notice of his faithful servant, finally whipping his cock out and tossing his paper to one side. Ross barely hesitates: in just a few seconds he’s all over Ted’s huge uncut dick, gorging on its fat, meaty head and then sucking it all the way down to the root. Their wordless encounter ignites into a frenzied jerk-off, with Colungu spilling a thick wad of spunk over Hurston’s spotless lapel – and, impressively, still managing to fuck him afterwards.

Images from Shoe Shine by Men at Play

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The Shark (2011)

Alexsander Freitas gives a scorching star turn in this story about a sinister hatchet man. Heavily tattooed, this Latin stud is anything but typical MAP casting. Freitas and rugged hard man Bruno Knight make for a menacing twosome. They’re pair of debt collectors with a difference, turning to sexual coercion when it’s time to put the frighteners on their hapless victims. Dean Monroe is unlucky enough to fall foul of the duo. Unable to pay his debts, there’s little he can do when Freitas gets him bent over his own desk and extracts payment in kind by fucking him in the ass. The psycho power top fucks with such ferocity I’d be surprised if Monroe could sit down for a week. Knight’s job is mainly to hold him down, occasionally feeding his cock into the helpless stud’s mouth. Nicely shot in an edgy style, with an effectively creepy soundtrack, this one manages to capture a tone that’s at once both ominous and sexy.

Images from The Shark by Men at Play

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Tease (2011)

American hunk Kyle King is a canny dancer in a male strip joint, who singles out Isaac Jones as a likely trick. King succeeds in talking the moneyed European into paying for a lap dance. But his racy routine quickly turns into something more intimate when he guides Jones’ hand into the front of his leather pants. Onlookers Paddy O’Brian and Harley Everett start jerking off and the scene is set for an all-out orgy, with champagne waiter Justin Harris eventually joining the party. Tease succeeds in conjuring up an authentically raunchy club atmosphere and, making the most of its five-man cast, packs plenty of hot sex into its 23 minutes. With a beautifully detailed set, ingenious use of sound and stylish hi-def photography, this might be the slickest of all Men at Play shoots.

Images from Tease by Men at Play

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Bailey’s Return (2012)

…gives us ample opportunity to get an eyeful of his sculpted abs and juicy, veiny dick.

This one deserves a mention for the near-preternatural hotness of its star. Men at Play have always been good at solos and this one’s typical of their style. The main attraction here, though, is Bailey himself – a handsome, toned, muscular stud with an edible-looking dick. The scene starts with him wearing a sharp navy suit and tie, and has him gradually peeling off the layers until he’s totally naked. It’s a long, lingering jack-off routine that gives us ample opportunity to get an eyeful of his sculpted abs and juicy, veiny dick.

Images of Men at Play model Bailey Morgan

Watch Bailey’s Return at Men at Play

The Game (2014)

After a dismal performance on the pitch, pro footballers Morgan Black, Samuel Colt, Wilfried Knight and Isaac Jones get a browbeating from tyrannical team manager Jake Genesis. Stewing with resentment, the four conspire to teach Jake a lesson – and end up ambushing him, stripping him and holding him down while they subject him to a degrading power fuck. One of the hottest aspects of the scene is the interaction between the four tops, who are all busy getting off with each other while they take it in turns to dole out abuse to their captive sub. The scene culminates in a spectacular gangbang, with each of the teammates taking his turn to fuck Jake doggie-style on the locker room bench. By the end, all five are butt naked, their bodies slick with sweat. Sadly, it was to be Wilfried Knight’s last appearance for Men at Play, only release after his death.

Images from The Game by Men at Play

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