Hot jock fisted in the locker room

I remember when Brian Bonds was just getting close to taking a fist on camera. He’s come a long way – his hole loosens up with almost no help at all these days.

Image of Blue Bailey lubing up his hand

In this scene from Butt Stuffers, he’s kitted out in pads and a jock, and he’s all over teammate Blue Bailey in the locker room. At the start of the scene, these two are practically attached at the face, messily slobbering all over each other’s mouths. Brian gets down to gorge on Blue’s rigid hard-on, running his mouth up and down the shaft.

Brian Bonds gets his ass wrecked

But the real fun begins when Bonds gets on his back on the bench and opens his ass to take Bailey’s rubbered-up fist. It seems to go in easily but it still has Brian groaning every time the knuckle slips inside. Soon Blue is punching gently in and out, pushing his fist deeper into Brian’s butt. Brian jerks his dick while his hole gets a relentless pummelling, eventually getting onto all fours and pushing himself back onto Blue’s fist. By the end of the scene, he’s rocking back and forth, fucking himself on Bailey’s arm. Blue works his dick with his free hand, stroking up and down until finally shooting his load.

Watch Butt Stuffers at Club Inferno

Images of Blue Bailey and Brian Bonds in Butt Stuffers

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