German skin abused by masked top

Check out this classic scene from one of Cazzo’s early movies. The German fetishmeisters hadn’t been around all that long when they released Authentic Adventures. It’s a perfect example why this lot are considered Europe’s kings of kink.

Picture of Thom Barron and Rainer Wagner in Authentic Adventures

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This sequence has Thom Barron – here sporting a sexy skinhead look – stumbling into a surreally sleazy force-fuck in a derelict industrial building. In one of the empty rooms he’s set upon by a faceless dominator in a chemical suit and a thick black rubber gas mask, who subjects him to a humiliating naked inspection. After groping his cock, the stranger fucks his ass, then lubes a couple of fingers of his industrial rubber gauntlets and slides them into his hole. Once he’s fucked him again on the filthy floor, he jerks him off, releasing a jet of hot spunk.

Pictures of Thom Barron and Rainer Wagner in Authentic Adventures

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