Sleazy Spaniards’ late-night lock-in

A late-night sex club in Alicante, southern Spain, is the setting for this sleazy session with Frank Valencia and Mateo Stanford.

Frank Valencia pisses over Mateo Stanford's face

As closing time approaches, Mateo decides it’s time to take a piss before heading home. But barman Frank has other plans. With no other customers left, he realises the they’ve got the place all to themselves, so he heads for the men’s room, pissing on Mateo’s handsome face over the urinal and then taking him back to the main area of the bar to have some fun.

Frank and Mateo’s sleazy fetish fuck

Stripping out of his sports kit, tattooed Frank lies back on one of the bar’s leather couches and has Mateo suck his shaved cock before putting him in the sling and shafting his butt.

Frank Valencia and Mateo Stanford fuck in an empty sex club

Watch Frank and Mateo in action at Jalif

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