Peter Dutch has wrecked his ass

One thing we can tell about Peter Dutch – just from looking at him – is that this man is no anal virgin. A single glance at his dripping, slack, dilated sphincter should be enough to tell you he’s been fucked, fisted and stretched to the point of no return.

Peter Dutch pushes out his ass lips

Peter Dutch is a man on a mission: to bring total destruction to his own hole. This lean, muscular man-in-a-mask rains punishment down on his own butt, stretching it to the limit with anal balls and a selection of dildos.

Peter Dutch is a man on a mission: to bring total destruction to his own hole.

Just killing time on the floor of a dimly lit men’s room, Dutch plays with his massive balls through the fabric of his jock. He’s come well equipped: beside him is a rucksack full of toys. First to emerge from the bag is a vacuum pump – and he soon has his already generously proportioned cock filling the inside of the acrylic cylinder.

Once he’s finished pumping his dick, he turns his attention to his ass, loosening it up with a medium-sized dildo before he stuffs a string of big red balls inside. This bit’s delivered in graphic closeup detail, as we see each ball being forced back out of his sphincter – until his hole’s looking decidedly slack and leaking lube out onto the floor.

Peter Dutch plays on the men's room floor

But he’s nowhere near finished yet. Shutting himself in a toilet cubicle he gets to work with an enormous dildo, pushing his ass down on it against the toilet bowl. Throughout the whole thing he makes a series of grunting and groaning noises, like some kind of rutting animal. And by the time he’s finished fucking himself on the enormous slab of black latex, his hole is completely wrecked.

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Settling back down on the floor of the men’s room, he takes a ride on yet another dildo – a big flesh-coloured one this time. At last it’s time to cum – and he finally shoots a jet of spunk across the floor before lying back in the middle of all the mess to catch his breath.

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