Video: new boy Bailey unzips and unloads

Wow. Men at Play don’t normally go for cute younger guys (or blondes, so they tell us) but it’s not hard to see why they had to make an exception for spectacular Bailey Morgan, here making his first appearance with a scorching solo scene.

Bailey Morgan makes his Men at Play debut

He’s certainly no twink, mind you – with his classically handsome face and perfectly sculpted body, Bailey’s got to be one of the hottest guys to jerk off on MAP ever. Here we get to watch him lying back on a creaking leather couch, slowly pulling open his suit as he breathes heavily, running his hands over a set of cast-iron abs and slowly working his rigid dick.

Bailey Morgan jerks off

When he finally loses the shirt and tie, he reveals a large tattoo of a naked, big-breasted angel on his back. Apparently Bailey’s straight – but it’s hard to believe there isn’t just a little bit of gay in the guy as he rubs his ass cheeks against the leather seat and runs a finger teasingly across his hole.

It’s a slow, sexy routine that has Morgan gradually working himself (not to mention us) into a state of increasing hotness until he’s ready to shoot a jet of warm spunk across his chiselled torso.

Watch Bailey Morgan make his Men at Play debut

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