Rubber pigs play with weird-shaped ass toys

Angelo Marconi looks almost edible in rubber. With a handsome face and smooth toned body, there’s almost nothing I wouldn’t do with this sexy Latin stud.

Andre Barclay fucks Angelo Marconi with a dildo

In this video from Rear Stable, he’s on all fours in a rubber vest and jock, having a dildo eased into his greased-up ass. You can see the muscles of his tanned butt flexing against the bumpy silicon plug as Andre Barclay pushes it in and out.

Before long, they swap positions, with Angelo unzipping Andre’s rubber bleachers to expose his ass crack and then pushing him down on the bench. He takes a big purple dildo and shoves it right up his buddy’s hole.

Andre Barclay and Angelo Marconi play in rubber

But the best bit of the movie comes when Andre gets spit-roasted with Angelo’s dick in his mouth and a fucking machine rhythmically pounding his ass with a dildo. He grunts like a pig as he gets stuffed in both ends, with the fucking machine opening him up until his hole is nice and loose. And after that, we get to watch the two playmates sharing a double ender before finally each cranking out a wad of cum.

Andre Barclay and Angelo Marconi play in rubber

Watch the two rubber pigs at play

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