Cute clubber fucked by bouncers

This scene makes me think of a fantasy I’ve jerked off over a good many times. It goes back to one of the first times I ever set foot inside a sex club, and got a slightly overenthusiastic patting down by the doorman. Nothing actually happened beyond that. But it’s the kind of near miss that sticks in my mind and fuels a fantasy for life, as I dream up endless variations on what could have happened next.

Vic Jocco and Jon Galt

Drake Jaden turns up to an underground club only to be stopped at the door by two massive, muscled bouncers. Vic Rocco and Jon Galt are just the kind of rough, rugged studs we’d all like to run into in our local leather bar. Taking Drake into a back room, they bend him over a whipping bench. Barking orders at him, they invade his hole with fingers and thumbs, tongue-fuck him and stuff their cocks into his mouth.

After getting their reluctant sub warmed up, the two tops take turns to fuck his ass. Jaden’s hole gets properly used, but even then they’re not finished with him – finally ramming both of their dicks into his butt at the same time.

Vic Jocco and Jon Galt fuck Drake Jaden

Watch Drake get spit roasted

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