Tony Orion sticks it in and slams it home

There’s plenty of leather in the second scene from Chi Chi LaRue’s latest fetish flick. But in a quirky twist Chi Chi has decided to hang it all over the wall instead of on her two sexy models.

Tony Orion and Sean Duran

Tony Orion and Sean Duran make for a hot pairing as the two take inspiration from the racks of straps, harnesses, collars and jocks behind them, getting naked and getting down to some hard and heavy action on the floor.

They start off playing tug-of-war with their teeth over Orion’s leather jock before Sean bends over and lets Tony stuff his face between his butt cheeks. Tony then plunges his tool into Duran’s ass, fucking him hard on the floor as the bottom grips a leather harness between his teeth.

Check out the full trailer.

Tony Orion fucks Sean Duran

Watch Tony Orion fuck Sean Duran

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