Redhead Brock Rustin gets his ass stuffed

It’s part four of Club Inferno butt-buster Big Bad Wolf – and it looks like cover boy Dolan Wolf is sitting this one out. It’s hard to blame him. After the intense handballing he’s taken over the past couple of updates, this poor Wolf’s punished butt hole must be in need of a well-earned rest.

Gio Ryder fists Brock Rustin

This week the action switches to hunky redhead Brock Rustin and slim, smooth Gio Ryder. Brock is on his back in a sling, his ass exposed in his leather chaps. Kneeling on the floor and ready to ram his fist inside is Gio, who slathers his hands with sloppy lube and gets stuck in.

Free preview video: Gio Ryder fisting Brock Rustin

Soon Rustin is moaning with pleasure as his buddy gently kneads his prostate, working his hole until it’s loose. Brock kneels upright in the sling, turning around to give Gio even better access to his slack butt, allowing him to fist him deep. As Brock rides the other man’s wrist, working his ass up and down on his forearm, Gio starts to jerk his cock, finally releasing a jet of warm spunk.

Gio Ryder fists Brock Rustin in Big Bad Wolf

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