Scott Hunter takes a fireman’s pole

The COLT calendar shoot continues, this time with two studly firefighters getting down to some steaming manplay on a smoke-filled set as another uniform fantasy comes to life.

Scott Hunter in fireman's gear

COLT’s new uniform series looks determined to hit every niche going: so far we’ve had leather, army fatigues, dress blues and there’s more to come. This one starts with heroic firefighter Bob Hager giving Brit buddy Scott Hunter the kiss of life. Soon the pair are swapping spit and Scott’s licking the sweat off Bob’s hairy torso before he gets on his knees to work his mouth around Hager’s manly tool.

Next Hunter gets up on the ladder so Hager can stuff his face into that hairy ass crack. Bob pushes his tongue into Hunter’s hole, lubing it up with spit so he can slide his thumb in there.

Another few minutes and Hager’s right in there with his rigid dick, ramming it all the way to give Scott a proper pounding. Scott’s only too eager to oblige,  climbing down off the ladder so he can squat over Bob’s rock-hard cock and take a good long ride on it. When Hunter takes Hager’s big hairy balls in his mouth, Bob’s finally ready to blow his load, erupting all over Scott. Scott’s only just behind him, though, spilling another load of white jizz over his muscled abs.

Watch Scott Hunter take it in the ass at COLT

Scott Hunter and Bob Hager in Uniform Men

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