Suited exhibitionist plays with butt plug on CCTV

Men at Play new boy Steven wants you to watch. With his handsome face and ripped body, he’s a more than worthy addition to the MAP stable, and in his debut video he shows just how dirty he can get when he puts on a raunchy solo show for the benefit of the office CCTV camera.

Steven makes his Men at Play debut

When Steven spots the blinking red light and realizes there’s a camera discreetly trained on him, he starts to get all hot and bothered. Very soon he’s lying back on the office couch, his pants and shirt open, administering a bit of self-love: stroking his meaty cock and running his hands over his furry, muscular abs.

But things are only just beginning to get lewd. Playing with his cock for the entertainment of a hidden audience isn’t quite enough for exhibitionist Steven, so he gets on his knees to show us his taught, muscled butt, pushing his finger inside, getting his ass hole looser until he’s ready to take a flexible black rubber plug in there.

As the blond stud gets himself more and more worked up, he finally lies back naked on the couch, one hand shoving the butt plug into his hole as far as it’ll go and the other feverishly jerking his meat until he’s ready to deliver a well-earned cum shot.

Steven in Watch Me Work It

Watch Steven’s Men at Play debut

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