Troy Daniels gets a beating

Leo Forte is one evil top. He takes his time with willing victim Troy Daniels, slowly binding him with thick red rope until he’s completely at his mercy. Then he works on Troy’s hole, tonguing his ass and subjecting it to a rough finger fucking.

Leo Forte tops Troy Daniels

Once he’s got Troy just where he wants him, he takes a mean-looking cane and starts flicking it against his butt. It isn’t long before Daniels’ pale flesh is looking hot and red as he winces from the pain. But there’s more to come: even when Daniels is finally released, Forte bends him over, penetrating his ass with a glass dildo before stuffing his cock deep into the boy’s hole.

Leo Forte tops Troy Daniels

Watch Troy get tied up and fucked

Leo Forte tops Troy Daniels

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