College wrestlers grapple in spandex

It’s hard to blame cute Rick McCoy for hoping Varsity hunk Tyler Torro’s experience will rub off on him when the two stay late to put in some extra practice: I’d want the same. Rick needs some tips to improve his technique if he wants to stay on the wrestling team – and Tyler Torro is only too happy to take him in hand and show him how it’s done.

Tyler Torr and Rick McCoy in spandex

It’s not long after Tyler and Rick have started grappling on the crash mat that the pair notice there’s something growing inside Tyler’s spandex one-piece. His enormous cock is getting harder by the second, so McCoy helps peel off his wrestler suit, exposing his chiselled muscular physique.

Eager to get as much practice out of his buddy as he can, Rick throats his massive tool with greedy enthusiasm. Turning over on the mat, he then gives up his ass, letting Torro plunge his joint deep into his hole. Torro pumps him like an expert, thrusting in and out with his huge hard-on and delivering one hard, prolonged fuck until he’s ready to pull out and dump his load.

Rick McCoy sucks Tyler Torro's dick

Watch the two studs wrestle in spandex

Tyler Torro fucks Rick McCoy

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