Jackson Lawless gets his hole stuffed

I don’t think I’ve been paying enough attention to Jackson Lawless. The last scene I saw him in was made a couple of years ago, but this boy’s grown into a hot, handsome muscle stud – and he looks awesome in leather.

Jackson Lawless in leather

In this scene from Hole Busters 6 (which is looking more and more like essential viewing with every segment that gets released), Jackson’s sitting in a barber’s chair when Jordano Santoro turns up in a rubber apron and squirts gloopy lube into his ass using a turkey baster.

After that, Santoro uses a long flexible lumpy dildo to get Jackson’s hole opened up, getting it loose and sloppy. Lawless’s butt is a joy to watch – hard, muscular and apparently capable of swallowing anything. When Jordano substitutes a bigger, ridged dildo, Jackson’s hole gets stretched even more until it’s wide open and gaping. It’s all too much visceral eye-candy for Santoro, who ends up having to get Lawless to take over and fuck his own butt, while he pulls out his dick and jacks off.

Jackson’s hole stretched wide open: free preview video

Jackson Lawless and Jordano Santoro in Hole Busters 6

Watch Jackson get his hole busted

Jackson Lawless gets his hole busted

Watch these ass pigs get nasty

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