Bruiser Caleb blows his load

The fascination with straight guys in gay porn is a trend that’s found its focus in the internet age. There have always been gay for pay porn stars but it seems to me that it’s only over the last 10 years or so that watching straight men jerk off, when they know they’re doing it for a gay audience, has become almost a fetish in itself.

Image of Caleb Roca modeling for Men at Play

Big stars like Paddy O’Brian and Steve Hooper have at least partly based their careers on playing to their gay fans. (While Hooper’s never done boy-on-boy scenes, he’s been open about gay escorting.) But, for me, knowing that they’re actively bi occasionally detracts from the horniness of watching a 100% straight man showing off for the camera – when he knows there’s an army of gay men out there jerking off over his handsome face.

Check Caleb out at Men at Play

Spanish hunk Caleb Roca is a case in point. This guy’s rough, tough and bit of a bruiser – he’s even got a black eye to prove it. But what makes me feel an instant reaction in my crotch is the disdainful snear that plays across his face as the black leather of his driving gloves strokes the front of his suit pants. It’s a combination that instinctively makes me want to get down and suck his fat uncut cock.

Images of Caleb Roca jerking off

Watch Caleb Roca blow his load

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