Cute bottom boy fucked by skinheads

Lean, muscular Europeans, skin gear and a semi-derelict industrial backdrop: it’s got to be a Cazzo movie.

Bruno Lopez watches Max Schulter sucking Edward Fox's cock

Skinhead gear has been an essential ingredient of the Cazzo brand from their earliest days in the late 1990s. In this scene, Edward Fox and Bruno Lopez are kitted out in boots, bleachers and braces when they stumble on smooth, sexy Max Schutler.

The two tops make thorough use of Max’s accommodating mouth, each taking their turn to fuck his face. After feasting on his tight butt hole, they subject him to an uncompromisingly hard fuck, bending him over and pounding his ass. Once they’re done, they shoot their loads, covering the handsome stud with creamy spunk.

Edward Fox, Max Schulter and Bruno Lopez

Watch this hot threesome at Cazzo

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