Rubber pig fisted in a sling

There’s nothing like getting fisted. I was a ff top for 15 years – since my teens – before the first time I took it. That’s when I finally realized what all the fuss was about. It’s hard to explain it to anyone who’s never taken it. You get an awesome, indescribable feeling when the knuckle slides inside that sends a shiver up your spine. It’s addictive.

Amerifist and Andrea in Control

I like all kinds of fisting porn, but some of the pro-am movies produced by StudFist come closest to the real experience. And this shoot for Fisting Central just about sums it up. (Alongside running their own site, StudFist operate as a gun-for-hire, shooting extra scenes for FC.)

You’ll be in no doubt what rubber pig bottom Andrea is going through when he’s lying back in the sling, poppered up, with pro fister Amerifist sinking his meaty paw deep into that stretched-open manhole. His face says it all. And with its rough-around-the-edges style and real-time action, this movie will give any experienced fist bottom a powerful dose of déjà vu.

Amerifist’s in no hurry, gradually opening Andrea up and getting him loose and sloppy. Andrea looks like he’s in seventh heaven as the hulking black top punches in and out, until eventually he’s sliding two hands into the pig bottom’s grateful hole.

Watch it at Fisting Central

Amerifist fists Andrea in rubber

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