Suited Paul Wagner fucks Leo Domenico

If you’re a confused straight guy who’s having marital problems, then therapist Paul Wagner is probably not the best person for you to confide in. By the end of his session, I guess Leo Domenico’s marriage is in tatters – but at least he’s experienced the satisfaction of Wagner’s rock-hard dick in his virgin ass.

Paul Wagner in the Marriage Counselor

When Latin stud Domenico takes his wife to visit handsome, hunky Paul Wagner, he’s looking for a way to save his crumbling marriage. Little does he suspect that once his wife’s left the room, Wagner’s going to be taking him in hand to help him explore his closeted sexuality.

US porn stud Wagner made his debut with British studio Men at Play in May, joining the likes of Bailey Morgan and Sean Lawrence as part of MAP’s fresh line-up of new talent. In this scene, he lets lean, dark-haired Domenico gorge on his cock, before Wagner bends him over to tongue his hole, rounding off their encounter by fucking him deep in the ass.

Watch suited hunk Paul Wagner fuck his client

Paul Wagner fucks Leo Domenico

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