Hot pain pig begs for more

Not every scene is worth rescuing from the archives – there are enough sites recycling movies from their back catalogues that could safely have been allowed to gather dust. But this scorching S/M threesome from Raging Stallion’s Red Star bucks the trend: it’s easily one of the hottest scenes to appear on Fetish Force yet – and it features some of their hardest action.

Eric Michaels gets roughed up

Pain pig Eric Michaels makes an awesome submissive bottom, starting the scene bound to a St Andrew’s cross, being cruelly beaten across his back and ass by mean skinhead Lance Gear. Gear makes an equally amazing top, first teasing Michaels by dusting his back with the leather flogger, then thrashing him hard. Michaels alternates between yelling in pain and begging for more. There’s definitely no faking here – the intensity is all too real. And when they’re finished for now, Gear loops a leather strap around Michael’s throat and yanks him backwards, clamping his hand over his mouth and nose to cut off his breathing.

The part I like best has Michaels spread-eagled on the cross with Peter Raeg pinching and biting on his nipples. It certainly looks sore – and Raeg just can’t conceal his glee as every yank and every cruel twist leaves his victim gasping for breath. And after torturing Eric’s nipples until they’re red and swollen, the two leather masters follow it up by arranging two lines of vicious-looking pegs across his torso, each starting at the bicep and pinching his flesh in an arc across his chest – it’s one final torment that seems to break Michaels, reducing him to sobbing in pain.

Watch sexy Eric Michaels take a beating

Lance Gear, Eric Michaels and Peter Raeg

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