Smoking stud serviced by muscle bottom

London’s leather landmark The Backstreet, with its famously strict dress code, is the perfect setting for this encounter between Spanish bear Manu Maltes and hunky bottom Axel.

Manu Maltes gets his dick sucked

There’s some eye-wateringly nasty SM porn playing on the club’s projection screen. But all it does is make these two horny as they hang out by the bar, shooting each other furtive glances.

It isn’t long before Manu leans in to grab Axel’s nicely shaped cock and then plants a hungry, sloppy kiss on his waiting mouth. The compliant sub gets down on his knees to worship the strapping daddy’s hard cock, sucking it greedily while Manu puffs on a cigarette.

Manu Maltes fucks Axel

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My favourite part comes when Manu gets his boy down on the floor and sticks his dick into Axel’s perfectly smooth hole. There are some stunning closeups here that bring the action to life so you can almost taste it.

The scene ends with Manu jerking off and spilling his spunk all over Axel’s chest. After bending down for a final sloppy kiss, he makes off to the men’s room. There he takes a piss in full view of sleazy, toilet-cruising stud David Korben, hinting at the start to the next instalment.

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