Dean Monroe’s forced workout

Handsome stud Dean Monroe has got some vicious-looking red marks on his wrists. That’s because cruel top Dirk Caber has got him tied to the end of a rope, enduring an agonizing forced workout.

Dean Monroe in bondage

Dean’s standing in his sport kit, hands tied behind his back, kept in place by a rope hanging from the ceiling, when along comes Dirk to put him through his paces. It starts with running on the spot, then tying up his balls with a shoelace and then – when he’s finally released – he’s made to do press-ups with Caber’s foot helpfully clamped down on his back.

It isn’t until Caber forces him to do a set of stomach crunches that Dean gets a taste of cock. Monroe gets to wrap his mouth around Dirk’s hard dick every time he sits up, his own hard-on by now rigid to the point it looks set to burst.

Dirk Caber abuses Dean Monroe

Watch Dean’s gruelling workout

Dirk Caber forces Dean Monroe to work out

Dean Monroe in bondage

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