Hot rubber skin gets drunk on piss

One of my favourite scenes from Cazzo’s sleaze epic Versaut has lean, shaven-headed, rubber-clad Max Schmal guzzling a seemingly endless flow of piss from black leather top Wuilliam Wallace’s cock.

Wuilliam Wallace fists Max Schmal

I love the moment when Schmal lies back and lets Wallace urinate over his skin-tight rubber top and straight into his waiting mouth. Hunky Wuilliam looks like he can just piss on and on – and Max is ready to drink up every last drop.

Schmal’s reward is to lie on his back and get his ass well and truly punch-fucked by fisting expert Wallace, pushing his rosebud out as his butthole gets stretched wide open.

Wuilliam Wallace and Max Schmal in Versaut

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Wuilliam Wallace and Max Schmal in Versaut

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