Damien Cross loves his gloves

I’ll say one thing for Damien Crosse: he’s up for anything. We’re used to seeing him drenching his co-stars with piss, spit and cum – with or without suits. But this time he’s on his own, obsessing over a pair of leather driving gloves as part of a raunchy, quirky solo routine.

Damien Crosse in Glove Love

In Glove Love, Damien’s relaxing on the couch, evidently enjoying the pleasure of his own company in the comfortable surroundings of another luxurious Men at Play set. This time he’s dressed up to the nines in a smart grey suit, polka dot tie and chalk stripe overcoat. But what’s really getting Crosse’s attention is the pair of elegant brown leather driving gloves he’s wearing. He’s fixated with them, relishing the feel of the leather against his uncut cock as he runs his hand over the head and strokes the shaft.

As the clothes come off, the gloves stay on, and Damien seems to be getting himself more and more hot and bothered (in fact at one point he looks as though he’s fucking the actual couch, which is a new one to me). He strips down almost completely, bending over to give us a clear view of his hairy ass, framed by a dark grey jock, playing with his straining hard-on and sucking on his gloved fingers.

Damien Crosse jerks off in a suit

Men at Play certainly do jerk-off scenes with more flair and originality than most – and the subtle injection of leather kink in this one adds an effective twist to the solo formula.

Jerk off with Damien Crosse

Damien Crosse strips down to his leather gloves

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