Derek Pain bound and abused

It looks like the International Mr Leather competition has given the guys at Bound Jocks an opportunity to build up a stock of hot footage. This time, SM supremo Derek Pain is getting tied up and put on display for the entertainment of a crowd of casual onlookers.

Derek Pain in bondage

Derek Pain makes an appearance at the Bound Jocks booth at IML, wanting to be tied up and hung from a frame like a piece of meet. Knotty Brent is only too happy to oblige, so Pain is blindfolded, enmeshed in a web of thick rope and strung up with his dick hanging out of his wrestler suit for all to see.

After chewing his nipples, punching his rockhard abs and torturing his cock and balls, Brent finally lets him down. But it’s not over yet. With a rope stick tied around his balls, Derek’s forced to lie on the floor while Brent delivers a series of playful kicks to his ass, making him squirm and back away until the rope pulls tight.

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Derek Pain in bondage

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