Ben Brown banged on business trip

Italian hunk Alex Marte has got locked out of his hotel room. Luckily, two more suited studs – hulking Axel Brooks and power bottom Ben Brown – are on hand to help. And in no time at all, the three of them are stripping off for a raunchy three-way fuck in the hotel corridor.

Alex Marte, Axel Brooks and Ben Brown

When Alex Marte and Ben Brown pass each other in the corridor, they could be any two businessmen on a trip, stopping for the night at a smart hotel. But the moment Marte’s back is turned, Ben’s hungrily checking out his muscular frame through that smartly tailored suit. The two get talking when Marte can’t get back into his room and before you know it, Alex’s pants are round his ankles and Brown’s on his knees with his lips locked around that thick Italian cock.

Of course, a hotel corridor is a fairly public place. So it’s no surprise their encounter is attracting some attention. Luckily for them, it’s Axel Brooks who’s watching – peering at them through the spy hole in his hotel room door. But soon he wants a piece of the action himself, which means lucky Alex gets to fuck both studs’ holes in a sizzling threesome in the hotel corridor.

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