Colin Black gets it in both ends

As if Jimmy Durano’s orgy with Jessie Colter et al wasn’t enough, Raging Stallion serves up another gangbang with a line-up of top porn hunks that this time includes Spencer Reed, Troy Haydon, Colin Black and Bryce Star.

Colin Black sucking cock

There’s just so much hot manplay in this shoot that it’s hard to keep track of who’s fucking who. The action kicks off with Troy Haydon and Spencer Reed swapping spit while Colin Black chomps on their throbbing cocks. Meanwhile handsome Bryce Star wraps his lips around Matthew Mason’s swollen tool, while Mason teasingly strokes his asshole.

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Haydon and Black end up almost competing over Spencer’s boner, sucking on it together and pushing the head from one mouth to the other and back. And while Spencer gets his turn in Star’s tight hole, Black gets sandwiched between the other two, with Troy’s dick in his mouth and Mason’s jammed into his butt. The best moment comes when the black stud is lying on his back, sucking Bryce’s cock while Mason and Haydon takes turns to fuck his hole.

Spencer Reed, Troy Haydon, Colin Black, Bryce Star and Matthew Mason

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Spencer Reed, Troy Haydon, Colin Black, Bryce Star and Matthew Mason

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