Tate Ryder’s leather spit roast

Tate Ryder’s a cute bottom with a perfect toned body and a sexy Mohawk haircut. In this scene from The Dom, he’s shackled, masked and kitted out in a leather harness – ready to be fucked stupid by dominant leather studs Jake Genesis and Derek Parker.

Tate Ryder in leather

At the beginning of the scene, Jake’s got Ryder just where he wants him: his wrists cuffed to a suspended handlebar so he’s spread out and helpless. Genesis starts by gobbling down his victim’s throbbing cock, sucking greedily on the head and shaft before turning his attention to his pouting shaved butt hole. Jake slides his tongue inside, tasting Tate’s puckered hole before stuffing his dick in there and drilling him hard.

But it turns out these two studs haven’t quite got the place to themselves: outside in an alleyway, Derek Parker is watching them through a steamed-up window. Puffing on a cigar, he admires Jake’s handywork before stepping inside to join in. Lucky Ryder gets to take Jake’s dick in his ass while he sucks on Derek’s rock-hard tool. The two tops fuck him in both ends before Jake finally pulls out and blows his load over Tate’s leather boots.

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Once he’s gone, Derek’s dick gets Tate’s undivided attention, the greedy bottom taking a second pounding until he shoots a jet of cum over his perfectly smooth abs. Right on cue, Parker pulls his cock out of Ryder’s by-now sloppy hole and adds his own wad of spunk, emptying his balls all over Tate’s muscled chest.

Jake Genesis fucks Tate Ryder

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Tate Ryder fucked by Jake Genesis and Derek Parker

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