Isaac Jones pumped in job interview

Isaac Jones thinks he’s just here for a job interview, but it looks like his reputation has traveled ahead of him. Hot boss Jake Genesis has found some footage of him jerking off online – and Isaac’s not getting the job until Jake’s seen that throbbing slab of man-meat in the flesh.

Jake Genesis and Isaac Jones in Prove It

Isaac Jones may have an impeccable resumé, but when he shows up for his interview, it turns out Jake Genesis is interested in more than just his professional track record. Jake’s got hold of some compromising footage – and now it looks like Isaac’s just going to have to give up his ass if he really wants that job.

Watch Jake Genesis fucking Isaac Jones

Isaac Jones and Jake Genesis

After sucking on the boss’s cock, Isaac strips out of his smart suit and bends over to let Jake lick his hairy butt. Before the interview is over, he’s bouncing up and down on his prospective employer’s hard dick, taking every last inch into his hole.

Watch the full video here

Isaac Jones and Jake Genesis

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