Jeof Pierson gets his ass wrecked

The new Titan roughie is here at last – and the full trailer for Shove It! definitely looks promising, with some of my favourite pigs getting down to some nasty play that covers toys, piss and fisting.

Dirk Caber fucks Jeof Pierson

This first scene has Dirk Caber in a harness and neoprene open-crotch shorts topping leather boy Jeof Pierson. Jeof starts by gobbling Dirk’s cock, taking it all the way into his hungry mouth before Caber slaps his ass and turns him round to feast on his hole.

Caber’s in his element here, clearly revelling in his nasty top routine, his straining boner leaking precum as he tastes Pierson’s ass. And he’s merciless when it comes to stretching Jeof’s hole with a selection of huge rubber toys, opening him up so afterwards he can ram his cock in there and deliver a thorough pounding.

Dirk Caber and Jeof Pierson in Shove It!

Watch Titan’s new fetish fuck-fest

Dirk Caber and Jeof Pierson in Shove It!

Watch the full movie

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