Trent Bloom’s ass swallows a football

Trent Bloom’s incredible butt can take just about anything. It doesn’t take a lot for his gaping hole to open right up – whether it’s for a fist, two fists or, as in this case, a football.

Trent Bloom gets a ball stuffed in his ass

In Foul Play, Trent walks in on a private moment between Tibor Wolfe and team coach Cory Jay. Not happy. This greedy slut bottom want coach’s hands all the himself. So after throwing Tibor out of the locker room, Bloom gets down on all fours on the bench to allow Cory to eat his slack ass.

But it’s when Jay squirts about a gallon of sloppy j-lube into Trent’s hole that we get to see what he’s really made of. Cory’s gloved fist just glides in and out with no resistance at all, until it’s obvious Bloom’s in need of something a bit bigger. His insatiable hole manages to swallow up two fists and what looks like a water football before these two are finished. Cory certainly isn’t fazed though. When, after getting double-fisted, Trent pushes out his enormous rosebud, Cory’s immediate response is to lean forward and lick it out like the pig he is.

Cory Jay and Trent Bloom in Foul Play

Watch Cory Jay fisting Trent Bloom

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