Scott Hunter stuffed by Jean Franko

There’s no trusting these London city boys, if the suited studs at Men at Play are anything to go by. Leave them alone together in an empty office for half an hour and you just know what’s coming next.

Jean Franko fucks Scott Hunter in Take It All

This time we’re watching handsome newcomer Scott Hunter, whose dirty mind starts to wander when he spies Jean Franko in the reception of an uptown office building. It’s no time at all before the two men are unzipped and hard at it over the office couch.

Franko starts by getting his mouth around Scott’s hard uncut dick, then he takes a big dildo and parks it right inside Hunter’s hole. The studly Brit’s body buckles from the impact as Jean rams the slab of latex in and out of his butt, driving it home with uncompromising force.

Jean Franko stretches Scott Hunter's hole

Next Jean puts his infamous tool into action and the clothes come off altogether as the Latin top forces his big dick into Scott and fucks him senseless on all fours. Hungry Hunter wants more so he lets Franko sit back on the couch and squats on his massive meat, bouncing up and down on it until Jean’s close to cumming. When he can’t hold back any more, he stands over Scott and jerks his meat until he’s ready to explode all over the suited bottom’s cute face.

Watch the city boys in action at Men at Play

Jean Franko fucks Scott hunter with a dildo

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