Dog training with Marc Dylan

By now I guess we all know how much Marc Dylan just loves to get fucked. Over the past year, the muscle bottom with the devilish grin has built a reputation around taking it in the ass for the likes of Hot House, Falcon and COLT.

Marc Dylan fucked by Mitch Vaughn

Here he is in Raging Stallion’s Alley Cats, where he’s been brought to an empty alleyway by super-ripped leather master Mitch Vaughn. Vaughn’s got Marc on a dog leash – and as he pushes his playful puppy up against the wall, his training begins.

Mitch starts by ripping open Marc’s t-shirt and twisting his nipples, rubbing his crotch before getting him on his knees to choke on his master’s dick. Dylan deep throats with total expertise. Several times he takes it all the way into his throat and holds it there, even when he looks close to gagging.

Marc Dylan and Mitch Vaughn in Alley Cats

Next Mitch gets Marc on all fours to eat his ass, soaking his tight puckered hole with spit. And once he’s got it nicely lubed up, he plunges his cock into Marc’s butt, administering a relentless pounding that has Dylan pleading for more.

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Mitch Vaughn fucks Marc Dylan

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