Classic three-way fist fuck

I was a massive fan of Falcon’s Abduction series when it first came out in the 90s. It served up a full menu of rough, sleazy action and the cast was total eye candy. It still stands up against the competition today and this scorching fisting scene from the third instalment – Redemption – is one of the highlights.

Ren Adams fisted by Jarod Clark

I could watch these three all day. Jarod Clark’s ass looks so totally fistable and Ren Adams looks like he’s doing such a great job with his rubbered-up mitt that it’s hard to decide who to envy more. The closeup shots of Clark’s hole just sucking up Adams’ hand rival the best of today’s fisting porn – and when Jarod manages to take both hands, he almost makes it look easy.

Jarod ably establishes his credentials as a total fist pig before riding a massive flesh-coloured dildo – which looks even bigger than a human fist – and taking it right inside his sloppy hole. And things hot up even more when Brad Stone joins the fun, first helping to grease up Ren’s arm, then getting in on the handballing himself by plunging his fist into Jarod’s butt.

Ren Adams, Jarod Clark and Brad Stone's fisting threesome

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Ren Adams, Jarod Clark and Brad Stone's fisting threesome

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