Brazilian footballer Rafael Cordova cums on webcam

By now we’re used to seeing British football and rugby stars shedding their clothes for gay magazines. When sports celebrities strip off for gay fans, it barely raises an eyebrow any more, with rugby hunks  almost queuing up to add to the supply of high-calibre jerk-off material.

Image of Brazilian footballer Rafael Cordova

But if that creates the impression enlightened UK sportsmen are somewhere out in front, the latest update from sports fetish site Ruggerbugger suggests the Brits actually have some catching up to do. Ruggerbugger has just published some hot pictures of Brazilian soccer player Rafael Córdova jerking off, in what looks like a webcam session, and holding out his cum-slick hand to the camera.

Images of Rafael Cordova jerking off on webcam

And it turns out there’s more. A few minutes of internet research reveal that Rafael has already appeared in the media quite a bit – and he’s certainly not widely known for being shy. While it’s still a rare treat to see this handsome stud shoot a load of slimy spunk, it’s not the first time we’ve had the chance to cop an eyeful of his juicy cock. In a 2007 shoot for G Magazine, Córdova not only posed naked but showed off a full hard-on and took a piss on camera.

Images of Rafael Cordova in G Magazine

And Córdova’s not alone. G Magazine also published a shoot featuring Bruno Carvalho, another Brazilian soccer player who’s prepared to go the extra mile to show his fans how much he loves them. All of which suggests there’s still plenty of room for improvement from the British contingent. And it can only lead us to wonder who will be the first UK football celebrity to get his cock out and get hard for the camera.

Images of Bruno Carvalho posing for G Magazine

Check out Ruggerbugger for more sports celebrity cock shots

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