Tony Orion’s double dick sandwich

There really is no limit to Tony Orion’s bottomless greed. In this scene from Control Room, he’s reduced to whining for cock as he lies trussed up in a rubber straight jacket. But as he’s about to learn, you don’t always get what you want.

Image of Tony Orion sucking two cocks at once

After getting a generous mouthful of dick from Adam Ramzi, Tony swiftly moves onto second helpings from Tommy Defendi, who lets the greedy bottom gorge on his big cock. At one point, Orion even gets both men’s fat tools in his mouth at the same time. But when he then starts begging for more, the two tops decide to teach him a lesson.

Pulling out, they retreat to the other side of the room and put on a cock-teasing performance to torment their helpless captive. Tommy slides his hungry tongue right inside Adam’s ass, easing him out before he sucks his cock. After that, he fucks the stud’s butt, eventually pulling out so he can shoot his load.

Watch Tony Orion suck cock in rubber

Images of Tony Orion, Tommy Defendi and Adam Ramzi in Control Room

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