Vic Rocco jerks off in football gear

Vic Rocco is looking as hot as hell as he poses in football kit in this shoot for Fetish Force.

Vic Rocco poses in kit

Vic takes his time as he shows off his body, flexing his huge muscles for the camera. We finally get to see his cock when he pulls down his jock and starts slowly but firmly rubbing his dick with the palm of his hand before getting down on all fours to show us his ass. Once he’s given us a good view of his hole, Vic strips down to his jock and pants, revealing his hard, muscular torso, then takes it all off, sniffing at his sweaty jock as he jerks his meat.

There’s a slightly pro-am feel to this shoot – a shaky camera and lighting that often feels a touch on the dark side. But needless to say Rocco is the main attraction here – and even if the movie lacks polish, his raunchy display of self-love and total gear fetishism definitely scores.

Watch Vic’s solo shoot at Fetish Force

Vic Rocco jerks off in football gear

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