Banged up and gang-fucked

Sex offender Brandon Atkins is about to learn a harsh lesson. Locked up in solitary confinement, he’s under strict orders: no wanking. But a horny pervert like Brandon can’t just can’t keep his hands off his dick. And when his sadistic jailers find out, the gang of uniformed studs decide to put him through a gruelling sexual ordeal.

Brandon Atkins gets fucked in prison

Binding Atkins to the bars of his cell, prison officer Adam Herst takes a leather crop to his tender flesh, beating him while the others strip out of their uniforms and jerk their cocks at the sight of the tormented jailbird.

Next they take turns invading his tight hole, fucking him through the bars as he squirms under his leather straps. Gloating over his total humiliation, the laughing guards make him their slut-boy and fuck his mouth until they’re ready to unload. Strapping him to his bed, they whack off over his face, each of them dumping a load of spunk across his mouth and in his eyes, finally tickling his tortured skin to complete his degradation.

Brandon Atkins gets gang banged in prison

Watch Brandon’s prison gang bang

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