Sean Lawrence jerks off

Hungarian hunk Sean Lawrence, whose first solo was a huge hit for Men at Play a few months ago, returns this week in Sean Lawrence Needs You.

Sean Lawrence in Sean Lawrence Needs You

He’s got chiselled features, a square jaw, movie star looks and a totally perfect physique. When he made his debut on MAP at the end of last year, he won himself instant adoration and fan worship. And here he is again – back in a suit, of course – giving us a ringside view of his early morning routine.

This time we get to watch him wake up and take a long, lingering shower. It makes a change to watch one of the Men at Play hunks getting into a suit instead of out of one – and Sean’s chosen a flashy black shirt and dark suit combo for his slow, sexy reverse-striptease. But he doesn’t get far before he realizes there’s one part of his routine that’s slipped his mind: his early morning jack-off before work.

So Sean unzips again and relaxes on the couch to stroke his dick. In no time at all, the shirt’s open again, his pants are down and he’s working his cock in a frenzied fit of self-love.

See Sean’s cum shot in the full video trailer

Sean Lawrence poses for Men at Play

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