Fred Faurtin goes in Deep

This scene from Cazzo’s sleaze classic Deep has super-toned Fred Faurtin casually abusing willing victim Jenson Lomax in a basement prison run by a gang of skinheads.

Fred Faurtin fucks Jenson Lomax

There’s a pack of perverted sex-mad skinheads on the prowl in Berlin, abducting innocent citizens and using them to satisfy their unnatural urges. Fred Faurtin has picked out Jenson Lomax, who seems all too happy to oblige. When Lomax, in a leather jock and harness, gets down on his knees to suck Faurtin’s massive joint, he gets a good few mouthfuls of piss, as the sleazy top drenches him with a deluge of hot, yellow pig juice.

Fred follows this up by getting Jenson on his back and taking care of his greedy hole. He’s got a selection of monster toys waiting to be driven into the leather boy’s gaping butt, drilling his ass until he’s crying out for more.

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Fred Faurtin and Jenson Lomax in Deep

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