Marc Dylan relieves some executive pressure

Cute, hunky Marc Dylan has power-bottomed his way from nowhere to superstar status in little over a year. Here he is taking it in the ass for Raging Stallion in a scene from Suited for Sex.

Steve Vex sucks Marc Dylan's cock

Marc Dylan and muscular Steve Vex are all over each other on a leather couch in their sprawling open-plan office. Marc’s pinstripe pants are pulled down to his knees and Vex is gorging on his rigid tool, alternating between jerking it with his hands and working his way up and down over the head with his mouth. It’s Marc’s turn next as Steve drops his pants to reveal a rock-hard boner. Dylan gets straight to work, hungrily devouring his colleague’s straining hard-on.

As suits and shirts gradually come off, Marc gets onto all fours to give Vex easy access to his tight ass. Steve starts by teasing it with his tongue before finally plunging his hard dick into the hole. Dylan takes it from behind and then gets flipped over onto his back, showing off his cast-iron six-pack as his butt takes a pummeling from Vex’s thick meat.

There’s a good long preview for this one, clocking in at just over five minutes – and you can watch it free at Raging Stallion.

Watch the free video of Marc Dylan getting fucked

Steve Vex fucks Marc Dylan

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