Jimmy Durano has Jordano Santoro leaking lube from his ass

Jimmy Durano’s one of my favourite porn stars, so I really can’t blame Jordano Santoro when Jimmy has him reduced to behaving like a depraved animal in this instalment from the Hole Busters series.

Jimmy Durano plays with Jordano Santoro's butt

Santoro is on his back in a yellow and black Nasty Pig jock, with his mouth taped over and his wrists cuffed. Durano towers over him, waving a dangerous-looking flesh-toned dildo in his face before plunging it into his ass. Jimmy fills him up with plenty of lube, so the sticky white gunge dribbles out of his hole as he gets fucked with the rubber truncheon.

Next Durano chooses a string of balls on the thick rubber rope, stuffing them into Santoro’s sloppy butt before popping them out one at a time. When he finally decides the greedy bottom’s had enough, Jimmy walks out, leaving his victim to lie exhausted in a pool of the goo that’s leaked out of his own butt, a huge toy still stuffed inside him.

Watch the full unedited movie

Jimmy Durano and Jordano Santoro in Hole Busters 7

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