Angelo Marconi stripped and fucked

It seems like just about everyone jumped on the studs-in-suits bandwagon after Men at Play established it as a lucrative niche – even if few studios have ever done it as well. But if there’s one man I want to see in a suit – or in anything for that matter – it’s Angelo Marconi, here sharing the floor with bearded muscle stud Tom Wolfe.

Angelo Marconi sucks cock

The scene kicks off with Marconi and Wolfe deep kissing on the couch. Marconi works his way down to Wolfe’s nipples, stomach and finally pulls his cock out from his suit pants. It’s my bet that Angelo Marconi gives the best blowjobs in the business. He certainly looks good as he works his mouth around the head of Tom’s dick and strokes up and down on the shaft with his lips before throating it all the way to the hilt.

Marconi’s other major talent is receiving ass play and getting fucked. He winces with pleasure as Tom gets his tongue inside his toned, smooth ass, slathering spit around the hole and working it loose. The highlight is watching Marconi get fucked, as Wolfe takes him from behind and stuffs his dick up Angelo’s perfect butt.

And if you like watching these two fuck, make sure you check out their awesome leather scene from Alley Cats.

Watch Angelo Marconi getting fucked by Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe fucks Angelo Marconi

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