Ty Hudson plays with sounds

I could watch Ty Hudson all day. This hot hairy stud looks awesome in a pair of leather chaps and a jock as he puts on a raunchy solo routine for Fetish Force.

Ty Hudson in a jock

We start off with Hudson carefully selecting a long slender sound from amongst a pile of medical kit. He slowly strokes it against the head of his dick before gently nudging the tip in through his piss hole, which is frothing with precum.

Ty takes it slowly, pushing the sound in half way and just tapping it lightly as his cock gets harder, taking it out for a moment then putting it back in and pushing it all the way down into his urethra. He finally lies back and stretches himself out, sliding the sound in as far as it’ll go, gently twisting it about and stroking his rock-hard dick.

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Ty Hudson puts on a sleazy show

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