Wrecking Brandon’s butt

I must have lost count. I could have sworn we’d already had Hole Busters 10, but with the latest update from Club Inferno, the studio’s mammoth ass-wrecking series has apparently only now made it into double figures.

Image of Alessio Romero pulling a string of balls out of Brandon Moore's ass

If this first scene with Alessio Romero and Brandon Moore is anything to go by, it’s going to be another good one. I like watching the interaction between a tough, rough-around-the-edges dad and a smooth, clean-cut young stud. Romero and Moore fit the bill perfectly and it’s good chemistry too, with the two of them clearly getting off on it for real.

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Brandon doesn’t look like the kind of lad that’s into having his hole wrecked with huge toys but you’d be surprised what this boy can take. Alessio starts him off on a 5lb black dildo, working in and out until he’s got the youngster groaning with pleasure. Brandon hands him a thick, ribbed latex cock, which goes in with no difficulty at all. A string of huge balls goes up next, with Moore managing two of the fist-sized orbs – before a by-now thoroughly horned-up Romero finally blows his load.

Images of Alessio Romero and Brandon Moore in Hole Busters 10

See Alessio Romero stretching Brandon Moore’s hole

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