Jessie Balboa takes it to the elbow

Jessie Balboa’s already earned his pig stripes in the Club Inferno Dungeon. He’s back this month, this time sporting a sexy Mohawk, ready for some two-way ass play with relative newbie Brian Bonds.

Jessie Balboa in Take the Plunge

Jessie Balboa is hellbent on showing Brian Bonds how to take massive object in his asshole. Starting off with his fingers, he works Brian’s asslips loose until he’s just starting to get wet and sloppy, then stuffs a massive latex truncheon into his butt. Bonds looks a little intimidated by the huge toy at first, but he soon gets the hang of it.

The roles are reversed when Jessie bends over the bench and sticks his ass out ready for Brian’s use. Bonds lubes up his fist – and Balboa’s greedy hole just sucks it up. He’s piggy enough to sit on both of Brian’s hands at one point, and later manages to swallow up his arm just about as far as the elbow.

Watch Jessie taking Brian’s fists

Extreme ass play with Jessie Balboa and Brian Bonds

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