Fisted over the bar

Drew Sebastian looks like a nasty fucker. With his big pierced dick, beard and tattoos, this cigar-chomping pig daddy cuts a mean-looking figure sitting at the bar in his leather chaps and leather harness.

Picture of Drew Sebastian getting fisted on the bar

Stocky, muscled barman Brian Davilla can’t help noticing that huge slab of meat poking out of Drew’s chaps that’s already rock-hard and ready for action. Brian gets down to service his horny customer, getting his mouth around that pierced cock. But there’s a twist to this encounter – Drew has got a pair of black latex gloves neatly hidden away inside his ass.

Taking the hint, Brian pulls the gloves out and gets to work on Drew’s butt, fisting him on a bar stool until his hole is wide open and greased with slippery lube. Sebastian gets up onto the bar and sits down on Davilla’s waiting forearm, bobbing up and down on it until his ass is looking well and truly wrecked. Next Brian empties a cocktail shaker full of ice over the insatiable butt pig’s back and has him squat down and take the thick metal shaker into his sloppy hole.

Watch Drew Sebastian get his ass wrecked

Pictures of Drew Sebastian and Brian Davilla in Last Call for Handball

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