Baseball buddies pump each others’ holes

These two are in such a hurry to get stuck into each other they haven’t even bothered to take off their baseball helmets. That must make for some awkward moments when they lean in for a kiss, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping them.

Image of Josh Bangs and Andrew Fitch in Get Your Ass in Gear!

Andrew Fitch and Josh Bangs are two young baseball players with ripped bodies and big cocks. Stripped naked except for their helmets and sneakers, they start by sucking each other’s dicks. Josh Bangs delivers a particularly impressive blow job, drooling all over his pal’s cock, his saliva dribbling off his big balls.

Images of Josh Bangs and Andrew Fitch in Get Your Ass in Gear!

But while he’s getting his dick sucked, Fitch’s attention is caught by his teammate’s butt hole. He starts by fingering it before he turns Josh around and pushes his cock inside, fucking him on all fours. Soon, though, Josh wants a go in the driving seat – so the pair swap, and Josh takes his turn to fuck Andrew. Ramming his hard-on into Fitch’s tight hole is enough to drive Josh to the edge and he eventually has to pull out and jerk off, squirting a load of sticky cum over his best pal’s butt.

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