Video: Dirk Caber nails Archer Quan

Dirk Caber reminds us what a talented (not to mention brutal) top he can be in this scene from Titan feature Punched and Pounded.

Archer Quan gets fucked

While the Fetish Force sleazeathon Dog Fight saw him cowering on the floor in a pool of piss, this time it’s Caber who’s inflicting the catalogue of punishment and debasement. The action kicks off with leather-clad Dirk whacking smooth, toned Archer Quan across the ass before stuffing his fingers into Quan’s hole and taking a mouthful of piss from his cock.

Once Archer’s just starting to get opened up, Caber rams a dildo into his butt, twisting the ridged slab of latex around, driving it home with uncompromising force. Before long, Quan’s gagging to take Dirk’s by-now rigid dick – and Caber obligingly slams it into him, fucking him mercilessly from the front and back until he’s ready to unleash a jet of hot spunk all over his victim’s ripped body.

Dirk Caber and Archer Quan in Punched and Pounded

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