Boy done good

“We all start somewhere,” is how premier pro-am fisting studio StudFist introduces its newest recruit. But somehow I have a hard time believing the masked fist bottom making his debut on their site this month – who goes by the simple moniker of ‘Boy’ – is really a beginner. For one thing, he looks far too at home in that sling, and when Amerifist puts his enormous paw into new Boy’s butt, it opens right up to meet his knuckles like a bunch of old friends.

Boy gets fisted

Boy’s also not exactly, well, a boy – behind the cheeky nom de porn is a slim, toned (Latin?) stud, who shows us just enough of his face to hint there’s a ruggedly good-looking man under his prick-teasing black eye mask. But when Zorro opens up his hole, he shows he can take it like a pro. What starts with four fingers graduates onto full fisting and then punch fucking in almost no time.

Watch the free trailer at StudFist

Amerifist opens his Boy

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